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Sunday, May 07, 2006

Confession I

"Hello dude, bola pukol 430 ptg di Ilam Field"me
"Takde hal bro..."mrX
"Oradio, jumpe di padang"me

Those are common and general conversation that i have most of the evenings when i try to get people playing soccer. I dont really care if they reject my invitation and i realize that not all people are willing to spend their precious evening time kicking some balls on the field while chilly winds make the evening game less appealing...

However, what really matters to me is that the way they treat the invitations..430pm means 430pm..not 530pm u @#$#@$!!!! it is even worse if they dont come at all and as a result of that, some excessive swearwords will keep playing in my mind since then (or probably come out from my mouth ) Isnt it hard to get your ass ready a lil' bit earlier and be at the place at agreed time? Forget about stupid 'Janji Melayu' and starts a new way of social-life..!!

Waiting is always be an annoying thing that most humans endure and it is always best to be punctual in everything that u do so that u will not heat up your friends which might lead to undesirable frenship aura...

"Get sweat or die fat"


Blogger mohd azmir said...

bai sorry ar kalo ade aku tak datang main bola!! tapi aku rase aku tak pernah janji melayu sial..
kalo tak nak dtg, aku gitau awal2!! but kalo2 ade sowie yer bro.. kite tag team skang bai!! chalo.. roben mmg suck!!

8:56 PM

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