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Friday, June 23, 2006


i just realised that many of my friends are blogging!! and i am just too lazy to update this blog since my last post.i wonder how do they get all of those ideas to crap around in the blog..i guess writing is not my speciality and i am always fail to write good essays (no wonder my exam cam kantoi2..especially kalo ada essay) shit laaa...

Slow2..patience will be paid off. Btw, i am not so happy with the performance of Czech during the World Cup..hail to u Rosicky!!..Polak was the weakest link and the ultimate morale-downing element in the team during the last game against Italy..However, Van Persie had shown what a brilliant player he is by showing stunning skills during games..to Robben, u sucks!..solo bastard!..okla,this is getting out of control...

Exam is about to finish and i am going to Dunedine for Bersatu Games..basketball is always my first priority..followed by futsal and bla bla bla..ok, i have been training alone since past few days..and i just hope that i will be able to play most of the time..(even though my fitness is really BAD!!)..new pair of shoes might help me a lil' bit but still, teamwork is the ultimate thing when it comes to team sports...like what M.Jordan said, "TALENT can win a game, but TEAMWORK, SPIRIT, and TACTICS win a championship.." so, no solo-play..teamwork guys!!

Oradio, math exam is on monday and i still havent studied any shit...gud luck for me.gud luck for my friends.chow!


Blogger mohd azmir said...

bai tak tau ko ade blog!! sial jer tak gitau.. so leh ar link ko nie?/ ko dah taruk komen kat aku! abes ar.. sume rahsia ko dah terbongkar.. muahaha..

8:52 PM

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

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