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Saturday, July 29, 2006

what is my age?

Somebody asked me about my age 15 mins ago. I remember that i replied 21. and now i just realized that i am not 21 but 20!!!.. i cant believe that i forgot about my own age!

Friday, July 28, 2006

My brain works!!

Now, i am soo fed up. i have sleeping difficulties for the 2nd consecutive nite . Arrgghh! I have no idea what is going on with me. My mind cannot stop thinking..suddenly so many things come out in my mind before i am about to sleep; business plan laa, future plan laa, hobbies laa and i really cant stop my brain from thinking!!. i dont mind if my brain become so productive during exam, but please laa, i need my brain to rest before my body can relax!!..*sigh.

Since nothing much to do, so now i am browsing my ex-gf frenster..haha! It has been a year and i am still "duda anak tiga"...Siti said, i am a loving father but for me, she is soo special..!! wahaha..adoi aku pon tak tahu ape jadi kat aku malam nih..sorry ar,korang mesti tgh judge aku dan pikir yg bukan2 pasal aku..apa2 pon, aku tgh ngantok tapi takleh nak tido....

Just to share whut i had in my mind just now. i was thinking of developing a website. It is kinda like trademe but the difference is, my website doesnt sell things rather sells service like house-painting, computer repair, house cleaning, sports training, plumbing, wiring and so on..this will allow anyone who has skills but doesnt have the chance to offer it to the public to have a go and earn extra money...

Another one is, isn't it cool to own a studio apartment??..a small apartment which can only accomodate one or probably 2 persons. Then u have a small kitchen where you can put your espresso machine on. Small cabinets centilevered to the wall where you have all the spices and cool containers. Since the space is small, so you can easily figure out the combinations of colours for the wall and harmonize it with the colours of furniture..then you can put numbers of mirrors to make the space looks bigger. Cool art and sculptures are all highlighted with soft lights with the reflections from the wall blends the colour of the area really well. I have all the image in mind and cannot wait to earn my own money and buy one sooonn!!..hoho..mr petronas, dont reject me dah la..

oradio, getting better now and wanna sleep..nite all.

Thursday, July 27, 2006

i am married to coffee...

Damnit, i cannot sleep rite now...and i am blaming the assignments for the late nite sleeps for the past few days or probably because of the coffee that i have taken today.Just to share with you how addicted i am with the coffee..based on my shopping habit, i bought 100g of Robert Harris coffee and 4 litres of milk everyweek. However that was before i bought an espresso machine.Now, after 2 weeks having an espresso machine, i would normally buy 200g of ground coffee and 4 litres of low fat milk ( low fat milk makes a good froth ). The machine requires more ground coffee for yummilicous, creamy coffee juice.

From that 200g of ground coffee + milk, i can make 4 cups of coffee everyday in average. In an extreme condition, i can take up to 6 cups of coffee daily but that depends on the the temperature.The colder the more. Apparently, Irish ground coffee makes a good cup of coffee which tastes slightly like Caramel Macchiato. Now i am trying another type of coffee to compare the taste. I forgot the name but it smells really good; not like Paris hilton's fragrance, not like washing powder, not like your deodorant spray..but it is the smell of a bloody well roasted coffee blended with hazelnut and caramel..perghhhh.enjoy...(tgh high nih)

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

I sing, U sing

Tonite, i feel much better after having a few days of hectic life with time mostly spent on nasty assignments in which you have no idea how to deal with..Last weekend i had 2 bbq's. One was with the CMSA people, and another one was a farewell bbq for our beloved senior, Din..

Farewell bbq was good; food was delicious, meeting up many people, and had a kareoke session with them (thanks to kakok for the kareoke set)...ok this is the not good part. You know, we had this kind of game where the one who sings will choose other person to sing next. That's fair enough, isnt it?..i thought it's gonna be really fun to have many people singing (voice doesnt matter..we are having fun aite?) but then it ended up many people refused to sing after he/she had been chosen. I wasnt happy with that but what can i do?..Even Bijan sings this one Newboyz song which nobody else has ever heard of. Munzir on the other hand sings a dangdut song which i think was cool eventhough the song was really funny (u know how dangdut song sounds like aite?).The atmosphere turned better after we had SINGSTAR. Singstar is a cool game and i recomend it for any social occasion. That was the time where everyone got excited as we had the representatives from two groups competing against each other to get the highest points. The concept of the game really had everyone goes crazy. I kinda like the feeling at that time though..

Perhaps, we need to be more sporting especially when dealing with social thing. I dont see any reason for us to be shy. Come on laa, we are singing in front of our frens,the ones that we know and tak payah nak kontrol2 ar..

i kind of annoyed but i have to accept the fact that everyone is unique in his/her own way in term of social life, mentality and priciples but i see that a few attitudes are appropriate to be changed in a controlled manner. It is just an observation based on my pathetic experience and knowledge....

"Espresso tastes really good especially if it is home-made"

p/s: paris hilton has nothing to do with it..;p

Saturday, July 15, 2006

Bersatu Games at Dunedine 2006

Bersatu Games 3-7 July..How brilliant it was. I agree with the fact that it was the best Bersatu Games compared to last year's Bersatu in Auckland. Not in term of numbers of medals we won, but the spirit and the bonding that were built during the Bersatu that made the games memorable.

4 medals; 2 bronzes contributed by handball and basketball teams, 1 silver by takraw team, and 1 solo silver medal won by Muiz in ping pong..Well, the achievement is something that can be proud of considering the fact that Petsoc ( Petronas Students of Canterbury ) was one of the smallest contingent in the Bersatu.

I don't really know what had happened to Muiz throughout the pingpong games because i didnt see him playing at all.Apology to you Muiz ( i am a bad sport officer !) However he was really eager to play. I remember he asked me to find other person to play basketball because the one of the pingpong matches was clashed with the basketball schedule..Luckily we could fix the timetable with the officials and walla! he can play basketball at that time! ( i cant imagine playing basketball without muiz..God saved me!) Well he did really well and deserved credits.

I reckon, one of the biggest highlights during the Bersatu was the basketball match for 3rd and 4th standings..we played against UMSA ( dont know the full words but it is an Auckland Malaysian club ) we had already defeated them in group stage but unfortunately we had to face them again after failing to win against CMSA ( Canterbury Malaysian Student Association..do i got it rite?..) in the semi. It was supposed to be an easy game as we had already defeated them before but u know..shit happens and it really does! We led all the way until first half. Somehow my 3 point-shoots were on fire! I couldnt remember how many three-point shots but i was really enjoying that moment ( it brought back the memories of the school days..huhu) Shit happened and for some reasons we had a terrible foul trouble..which had cost our two stars to be fouled out..Sam and Razwi, they did really well and the fouls commited were good fouls. That was the moment where the rising stars like Aiman and Anas came in to rescue the situation and the best part was they never played competitive basketball before!! yeah, they did a brilliant job though. Having an extra time ( the first extra time in Bersatu basketball history! i think laaa..hehe), we kept our composure to the max and defended aggresively. Credits to all supporters who brought the spirit in and syukurrrr because we won dramatically..i can't describe how ecstatic we were after winning (especially me,well u know me aiye!)

i didnt realize that i could play handball really well ( i mean for Bersatu level..) until i tried the first handball game of my life.. We didnt train at all, we didnt have any strategies, we didnt have good techniques, but we had two things...the spirit and endurance! I do really want to apologize to Abu Hurairah (Otago hero)..he guarded me really tightly like he was playing basketball with me. He never wanted me to move at all!! He stood in front of me trying to block any movement.He did it really well though.However, u know that in handball, the goalpost is in front of you and u had to throw the ball forward. Unfortunately, his presence in front of me had cost him hard blows on his face. Sorry for the broken glasses and knock on your face..That was how the game work dude and i cant help it anymore..huhu (guilty yet happy) After all, handball games were harsh yet brilliant and i want to play it again in the future.My hands work well with balls...hehe

Ok now, we turn to Sepak Takraw, the one that had won silver medals. I didnt watch the preliminary matches as i was competing in golf. I heard that the team did really well and hailed by everyone who watched. Even the massive cheer from the host, Otago failed to louse up their concentration and composure."EEEEYYYAAAAHHH!!" was the cheer. Sounded annoying at the first place but eventualy turned into a funny cheer after a while. I reckon, at the Bersatu level, u dont have to be good in so-called overhead kick. As long as u could head the ball well and juggle the ball steadily, u won't be having any problem to kick your opponent's arse. Besides that, strategy is vital; aiming for the weakest link, good ball positioning etc etc ...i m not good in this game though. Again, shit happened.Blame Curry Box Restaurant for the failure to perform in the final. What i heard was that, they had a massive buffet lunch before the final. Hehe..$10 for buffet lunch is really worthy!! So, they used that chance to stuffed everything inside the stomach..u cannot get this bargain in CHCH yo! Nuff said, they lost in the final..( the mystery of Curry Box remains...)

I played golf during Bersatu. That was the first experience of playing golf at golf course..Before this i tried driving range and it was a whole lot easier as u dont really have to direct your ball to a particular position.Hit, hit and hit..that's all what i do in the driving range. I thought i could handle the game well, but it wasnt going as planned. I screwed up most of my strokes... Actually i did not think of winning. For me at that time, when someone said "Gud shot alip!", that was like a gold medal for me. What do u expect when u never try the real game before? hehe..by the way, it was really fun to have a kickstart of golfing career as i might need to play golf in the future, maybe playing with my father or entertaining client..

tO Be cONtinued...