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Thursday, July 27, 2006

i am married to coffee...

Damnit, i cannot sleep rite now...and i am blaming the assignments for the late nite sleeps for the past few days or probably because of the coffee that i have taken today.Just to share with you how addicted i am with the coffee..based on my shopping habit, i bought 100g of Robert Harris coffee and 4 litres of milk everyweek. However that was before i bought an espresso machine.Now, after 2 weeks having an espresso machine, i would normally buy 200g of ground coffee and 4 litres of low fat milk ( low fat milk makes a good froth ). The machine requires more ground coffee for yummilicous, creamy coffee juice.

From that 200g of ground coffee + milk, i can make 4 cups of coffee everyday in average. In an extreme condition, i can take up to 6 cups of coffee daily but that depends on the the temperature.The colder the more. Apparently, Irish ground coffee makes a good cup of coffee which tastes slightly like Caramel Macchiato. Now i am trying another type of coffee to compare the taste. I forgot the name but it smells really good; not like Paris hilton's fragrance, not like washing powder, not like your deodorant spray..but it is the smell of a bloody well roasted coffee blended with hazelnut and caramel..perghhhh.enjoy...(tgh high nih)


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