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Friday, July 28, 2006

My brain works!!

Now, i am soo fed up. i have sleeping difficulties for the 2nd consecutive nite . Arrgghh! I have no idea what is going on with me. My mind cannot stop thinking..suddenly so many things come out in my mind before i am about to sleep; business plan laa, future plan laa, hobbies laa and i really cant stop my brain from thinking!!. i dont mind if my brain become so productive during exam, but please laa, i need my brain to rest before my body can relax!!..*sigh.

Since nothing much to do, so now i am browsing my ex-gf frenster..haha! It has been a year and i am still "duda anak tiga"...Siti said, i am a loving father but for me, she is soo special..!! wahaha..adoi aku pon tak tahu ape jadi kat aku malam nih..sorry ar,korang mesti tgh judge aku dan pikir yg bukan2 pasal aku..apa2 pon, aku tgh ngantok tapi takleh nak tido....

Just to share whut i had in my mind just now. i was thinking of developing a website. It is kinda like trademe but the difference is, my website doesnt sell things rather sells service like house-painting, computer repair, house cleaning, sports training, plumbing, wiring and so on..this will allow anyone who has skills but doesnt have the chance to offer it to the public to have a go and earn extra money...

Another one is, isn't it cool to own a studio apartment??..a small apartment which can only accomodate one or probably 2 persons. Then u have a small kitchen where you can put your espresso machine on. Small cabinets centilevered to the wall where you have all the spices and cool containers. Since the space is small, so you can easily figure out the combinations of colours for the wall and harmonize it with the colours of furniture..then you can put numbers of mirrors to make the space looks bigger. Cool art and sculptures are all highlighted with soft lights with the reflections from the wall blends the colour of the area really well. I have all the image in mind and cannot wait to earn my own money and buy one sooonn!!..hoho..mr petronas, dont reject me dah la..

oradio, getting better now and wanna sleep..nite all.


Blogger mohd azmir said...

haha.. i guess u only write when u cant sleep alep!! haha.. moga2 ko terus tak leh tido dan membyk kan post ko!! ahaks.. btw, sape ex ko 2?? tak pernah habaq eh.. siot jer!! n idea ko tu cara gak, takut org bace blog ko curi idea ko, baru ko tau!!

2:26 PM

Blogger Super_Duper_Yummy said...

jgn ar ckp camtu..disebabkan aku takleh tido,aku dah terlepas lecture pagi tadi.tension gua..huhu.pasal idea tuh..takpe laa.redha je sape yg curi.dapat gak pahala sikit2.hehe.. pasal tuh,ko tak penah tanye.takkan tetibe aku nak citer..hohoh

6:18 PM

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11:03 AM

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