I see, I evaluate, I write...

Thursday, August 31, 2006

Mawi and Ina

It has been a very unproductive week for me. Homework-never started. Study - in my dream la! - Dancing - didnt join,do haka instead. Afterall, this week is filled with nite-outing, supper, guitar self-lessons, games and soccer..what a holiday i had.

Lately, i had been quite emotional after knowing the fact that RTM and Astro had an interview,show, or watever u call it with Mawi and his ex-fiancee', Ina which discussed about why break-up, how do they feel, why this, why dat, why bla bla. I dont know how the show went was going on but as far as i know, they had an interview with those parties and hosted by Aznil and Rosyam Nor. Futhermore, i also knew dat Ina had published a book about her relationship or stories about the break-up with Mawi. I cant believe she had the gut to do such a stupid thing; telling the whole nation about your failed relationship!! Just because he is famous, it doesnt mean dat u have to expose his life/your life related to him!! everybody needs privacy sister!!

The first thing dat happened was, Ina published a book. Then, suddenly RTM and ASTRO decided to make a show about the broken couple. In my opinion, Ina is the one to be blamed. I dont think Astro and RTM would want to do the show until Ina had published the book. For me, they sort of taking advantage on the stupid action dat was taken by Ina i.e publishing a book. They realized that Ina's book had spiced up the stories and they knew the show will be profitable because there are MANY stupid reality TV-maniacs out there who are sooo crazy about Mawi and stupid issues such as celebrity break-ups!!

Mawi on the other hand, could not do anything other than giving a commitment to Astro as he has a contract with Astro (which i assumed..;p) Why i said that? Because Mawi did give an advice to Ina asking her to be careful with those people who want to take advantages on her ..That sort of shows that, Mawi realized that someone is taking advantage on them!!..The news report also said that Mawi was relax and cool during the show while Ina had been so emotional. Looking on the positive side, Mawi maybe layan je kot program tuh.Die pon bukan nak sgt heboh!!..hoho Report also said that Mawi did not say much about the problems and was so secretive. Yeah, dat is wat he should be doing. He is mature enough to think and say necessarily.

After a while, i also think that Ina should not be blame solely on this matter. Well, she might have been influenced by the book publisher to write the stories. Ina maybe at that time was so unstable and unconsciously agreed to write..i dont know aye!!..haha..actually i am trying to look this problem on the bright side and trying to blame those greedy TV stations and book publisher...hehe. Yeah,be greedy and get rich!

This incident pretty much shows how stupid some Malaysians are (or maybe most). We are more into this kind of junk. Come on la. Face the fact that we are so drifted away with the reality. We have been so mesmerized with fantasy. There are a lot of more importang things to be concerned of. Think of why Malaysian football are so lousy. Think of why Proton kinda failed. Think of self-improvement. Think of what can be contributed to the community and so on...

It seems easy to say, but to do it..hmmmmmmm. We dont know the real situation is. Only Allah,Ina,Mawi and some parties knew. After all, i can just speculate. Dont trust me k!! i was just giving opinions.To Mawi and Ina, act wisely. To RTM and Astro, be responsible. Mass Media have a massive influence on the people and your responsibility is also massive. Try not to mislead others ya!...Thats all for now. I wanna guitar..lalallalalala~

"Reputation is for time; character is for eternity"

Sunday, August 27, 2006


Just an advice to all women out there..make sure u do make-up properly.I have seen a lot of women whose faces turn worse after applying the facial cosmetics. Keep the make-up simple. For me, the key thing is always to cover any skin flaw and please, dont make your face so colourful..!

"We are created BEAUTIFUL no matter how"

Monday, August 21, 2006

The crack cracks!

Well...the pic pretty much shows how nasty a butt crack looks like in the eyes of others. No matter how cute, how rounded, how big, how sexy, how u-name-it your arses are, for me, if they come together with "cracks", they are just nasty and so turning off! hoho..Even if JLo flashes off her butt-cracks ("she has a nice sexy ass though"-quoted from most men), it seems crap to me.

I guess, whether it is an accident or not, showing off your butt-crack is a rude action especially if it happens in a social gathering. Some might say that, baggy jeans is a current trend but is it the only option we have to look fashionably cool? (another) Well, u know more than i do. They are plenty of ways to look decent yet gorgeous! Don't let yourself being laughed or judged by others. I know most of the people will remain silent, but the truth is some will have at least a lil' bit of negative yet ignorable perception towards you (probably it is only me..but still!).

"Against Butt-Crack"

Saturday, August 19, 2006


Q: What is the difference between a wife and a girlfriend?
A: It is 40 pound

Well, i came across with this joke while browsing around the web in the middle of holiday boredom ( now i think i miss my classes ;p). Some might have encountered this joke before but i dont mind to share it with u guys as a matter that is to be pondered about. Just an advice for those who are really concern about his/her body-figure or weight. Do not suffer yourself by going through diet plan. Eat whatever u want. Balance up with daily exercise as it is not only burn out your FAT, it keeps u fit and better-looking too. Now, u've got a 2-in-1 combo deal. After all, health is the first priority. Which ever u prefer, i am not your mom ;p

"Paris hilton is too skinny, Nathalie Kelley is ideal enough"

Monday, August 07, 2006

The past that tought me

Looking at the past, i remember there was one day where one of my teachers called me for some counseling after i made a disciplinary problem in school.Basically, she was like the mentor for me and dat thing happened when i was form 5. Being a clean and considerably innocent student since form 1 (self-proclaimed ;p), nobody expected me to make a problem especially in discipline..Well, i am not going to mention about the wrong-doing, but i just want to point out something that i had learnt from that experience. My mentor called me and i still remember what she said at that time,

"Do not worry about others. U know who u are and u have been punished for the mistake dat u have done. We cant satisfy everyone and u cant stop them from talking badly about you..."

Considering the experience dat i had gone through all this while, many have negative feelings and perceptions about me and i sort of get used to dat. i dont bother eventhough i would think about it and i know this is a free world;free to think;free to speak out;free to what-ever-u-want-to-do...So, yeah do what ever u want.My policy is simple..."i dont disturb you,u dont disturb me" so we would live in harmony..hehe ;-)

Friday, August 04, 2006

The "Keys"

"If you can see a woman as she is, with her weaknesses and strengths, then you can decide whether you have the ability to bring out the best in her and she has the ability to bring out the best in you—this is what makes a good relationship."

Since everyone is not perfect. Since everyone has weaknesses. Since everyone has unique strengths. Since everyone has feelings...Tolerance and understanding work well together. Keep it up and never give up with relationship!