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Monday, August 21, 2006

The crack cracks!

Well...the pic pretty much shows how nasty a butt crack looks like in the eyes of others. No matter how cute, how rounded, how big, how sexy, how u-name-it your arses are, for me, if they come together with "cracks", they are just nasty and so turning off! hoho..Even if JLo flashes off her butt-cracks ("she has a nice sexy ass though"-quoted from most men), it seems crap to me.

I guess, whether it is an accident or not, showing off your butt-crack is a rude action especially if it happens in a social gathering. Some might say that, baggy jeans is a current trend but is it the only option we have to look fashionably cool? (another) Well, u know more than i do. They are plenty of ways to look decent yet gorgeous! Don't let yourself being laughed or judged by others. I know most of the people will remain silent, but the truth is some will have at least a lil' bit of negative yet ignorable perception towards you (probably it is only me..but still!).

"Against Butt-Crack"


Blogger mohd azmir said...

hahaha.. nice post bro!!
mari kite wat klub against butt crack!! kakaka..
busuk sial bon... lagi nak tunjuk!!
lagi2 yg bontot kurap!!!

5:22 PM

Blogger Super_Duper_Yummy said...

no problem bro!..

5:26 PM

Anonymous Michael Carrick said...

bodo....tgk bontot ko tu dulu wei
pe2hal,hillarious topic yet stooopid =p

1:00 AM


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