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Monday, August 07, 2006

The past that tought me

Looking at the past, i remember there was one day where one of my teachers called me for some counseling after i made a disciplinary problem in school.Basically, she was like the mentor for me and dat thing happened when i was form 5. Being a clean and considerably innocent student since form 1 (self-proclaimed ;p), nobody expected me to make a problem especially in discipline..Well, i am not going to mention about the wrong-doing, but i just want to point out something that i had learnt from that experience. My mentor called me and i still remember what she said at that time,

"Do not worry about others. U know who u are and u have been punished for the mistake dat u have done. We cant satisfy everyone and u cant stop them from talking badly about you..."

Considering the experience dat i had gone through all this while, many have negative feelings and perceptions about me and i sort of get used to dat. i dont bother eventhough i would think about it and i know this is a free world;free to think;free to speak out;free to what-ever-u-want-to-do...So, yeah do what ever u want.My policy is simple..."i dont disturb you,u dont disturb me" so we would live in harmony..hehe ;-)


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