I see, I evaluate, I write...

Friday, September 29, 2006


I feel angry and lonely rite now. Now i know how important my laptop is to me. It is like my girlfriend and someone has just "dated" with her and keep her for life..i hope "u" will be back baby.. :p

The fact dat my laptop has been stolen is not a biggie actually eventhough i regard it as my "girlfriend".. What is the most precious item is a basketball video taken when i was in high school. I reckon the video is very nostalgic and always remind of the wonderful past which for some reasons motivates me be as good as what i used to be. I admit that i always watch the video if i feel down and seriously the video always give motivations after watching. Now it is not in my collection and the sad thing is, i am the only one who has that video. So i cant recover the video back..screw u burglars!

The morale of the story is, always back up your precious ones..

"The past remains historic. For the future we strive"

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Sleeping disorder led to this

why?...why?..why?. I cant sleep rite now and i really cant believe it! Well, it is impossible for not being able to sleep at this time around after a whole day of fasting and hours of completing the assignment. My brain should have been so exhausted by now. Weird~

Fasting.Tomorrow will be the 3rd day. Alhamdulillah, Allah still allows me to enjoy the Holy month of Ramadhan and give me the chance to purify myself and further improve my ibadah.Syukur.

Talking about Ramadhan, break-fasting is the obvious mostly anticipated event of the day..hehe and by having it collectively, it is just making Ramadhan more memorable. The happiness and bond can be felt at that time. That's not all ( like TV commercial )..One juzuk per nite makes tarawikh more memorable if u know what i mean. After all, i love Ramadhan and for those who dont fast, u miss the grace of Ramadhan. I mean, SERIOUSLY!!

"Buka kat masjid layan dowh..hehe"

Friday, September 22, 2006


Ok2.. i know it has been a while and i admit dat i am lazy to update this blog after the last one.

I am in Glade rite now and wondering when i am going to go home. After spending almost 4 hours for this one bloody question which confused me, i feel so sick. i am sick of looking on the notes, trying to understand every single bit and apply it to the question dat i am about to solve. 4 hours seem not enough for my brain. ( am i an idiot?..)

Apparently, i am working on the bridge. I gonna have a bridge competition on next Friday. The bridge is 80% done and i cant wait to see my BABY performs. Basically, the rule is, the bridge can stand 2 ppl and collapse when the third person steps in. So, it's all about accuracy and precision. I hope everything goes sweet and to those who read this, come and support the competition.It will be a great fun to see Civil Engr 1st pro students fall into the stream in front of UCSA..and one of them is ME!!

I think the Canterburians are going to have a picnic to celebrate our achievements throughout the year ( i assume je k!..RAM's achievement in particular..:p ) Ok, dat sounds good. Unfortunately, i also have a field trip on dat day which is just not goooooddd!! Why on that day Mr Lecturer!! ( this shows dat i have no clue about my lecturer's name. I dont give a damn ) Its ok..i can always socialize with them afterwards.

Ramadhan is coming. Past experience tells me that, celebrating Ramadhan i.e fasting in Christchurch is a great fun and i really love it. The fact that most of us will gather for tarawikh prayer and then have some so-called moreh, i just love that and looking forward to it. One more thing..hehe, for sure i will wake up for sahur ( i hardly miss sahur k!..my stomach is not strong enough to resist natural acidic juice ) So, i have no reason to miss subuh :p...well i am just hoping that we will have a great ramadhan and improve spiritually,mentally and physically.amin.

Thats all for this time. No more complaint yer tengkuk..Neng, ko jgn buat muka lak..haha!

P/S: Terasa nak letak gambar hot chicks, pastu tulis "AAAAaaaaaaaaaa...(endless)" :p

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

I love you!

Specially to my family..I might not be a good son, but i do love you so much and only God knows how much i miss all of you.

Abah, i miss the moment where we sit outside the house having teh tarik made by mama and sometimes from me (but mostly mama does) and talk everything that came out in my mind. I should say, getting an advice from a GREATEST DAD is the greatest gift i have ever had in my life

Mama, "extreme" is not a word to describe your LOVE and CARE. It is more extreme than what i could ever imagined. I will definitely take care and love you more than anything for my whole life. I promise!

My big bros..i would say that u r my best buddies. I admit that i learned a lot from your success, experience and failure. You had shown me how to get things done in a right manner and asked me not to repeat the mistakes that u had made. Advices? Countless and they are precious! Really...!

My two lil sisters...when i need to express my childish side, i will do it with you. Having a wrestling on the bed, play silly games, making funny faces, playing at the playground, and many stuffs we had done together which i cant think of by now. I just cant believe that both of u are now grown ups!!

I know that i will never say this to you but believe me, the feeling and thoughts are always there...

"Multiply it by infinity, take it to the depths of forever and you'll still only have a glimpse of how much I love you."

Monday, September 11, 2006

To specialize or being an all-rounder

Firstly, having seen a lot of my friends' blogs made me feel so inferior with the way they think, with the way the see the world, the way they define life and they way they write. I would say, I am not on par with them in many ways and respects their thoughts and mentality. Good job guys!

Well, straight to the point...What do u think? Being extremely good in particularly one thing or being an average all-rounder? I think, all of us have been told to be good in everything that we are doing in life. If u study, BE GOOD IN STUDY. If u play sport, BE GOOD IN SPORT. If u play musical instruments, BE GOOD IN IT...so basically everyone will try his best to excell in those things. The question is, are we really DAMN GOOD in those things? My experience tells me that, i ended up being an average joe in study, sports and all that i got involved in. BTW, I used to dream of studying in US and impresses NBA scouts so dat i can play in NBA..but God had better plans for me in NZ :)

Lets see others, like Tiger Woods..he started playing golf since 3 years old and i believe that he has been a golf slave since then. Now, look at him...he is a WORLD CHAMPION. What i am trying to say is, he focuses on one thing throughout his life and get the outstanding success. There are a lot of other examples but i just dont want to do further research.

The question now is, is it possible to be an EXCELLENT ALL-ROUNDER where u are damn good in everything u do....hmmm..Do we have the ability to master all? The question remains hanging..what would u say?

After all it depends on how we define a SUCCESS. How do we gauge our success in things that we've got involved in. I might not elaborate much, but i hope u understand what i am trying to say. Care to comment? :)

Wednesday, September 06, 2006


Holiday ended with a nite with Higher Education Minister, Dato' Mustapa and a new term started with Fluid Mechanic test which i think i screwed it up quite badly but luckily most of the students also admitted that they did badly..So, i am not too worry. We were in the same boat *cross fingers*.

Apparently, i am trying to adjust myself to a new way of life; trying to accept everyone's unique behaviour and learn from the differences possessed by each of us.To be honest, i am struggling to understand others. Well, it takes some times and i am determined to do it!

"Variety spices up life"

Friday, September 01, 2006

This is good

When i read the words, i found it ok. Then i looked on the pic, i just cant stop laughing!! Even now i am smiling when writing this..It is an inspiring joke.Seriously, i really love it.Btw, this is the attachment of an email sent by my cool fluids lecturer, Mr Pedro Lee asking us to prepare for the test...Funny, really funny.