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Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Sleeping disorder led to this

why?...why?..why?. I cant sleep rite now and i really cant believe it! Well, it is impossible for not being able to sleep at this time around after a whole day of fasting and hours of completing the assignment. My brain should have been so exhausted by now. Weird~

Fasting.Tomorrow will be the 3rd day. Alhamdulillah, Allah still allows me to enjoy the Holy month of Ramadhan and give me the chance to purify myself and further improve my ibadah.Syukur.

Talking about Ramadhan, break-fasting is the obvious mostly anticipated event of the day..hehe and by having it collectively, it is just making Ramadhan more memorable. The happiness and bond can be felt at that time. That's not all ( like TV commercial )..One juzuk per nite makes tarawikh more memorable if u know what i mean. After all, i love Ramadhan and for those who dont fast, u miss the grace of Ramadhan. I mean, SERIOUSLY!!

"Buka kat masjid layan dowh..hehe"


Blogger mohd azmir said...

layan bai!! layan... biler agi wei?? nak gi jgn luper roger gua yer!! aper kater system rotation ngn surau?
aku topup ar sket duit minyak!!

4:52 AM

Blogger sangkuriang said...

huhuh.. nice one bro.. about the bond and the grace of ramadhann.. so, harap2 tahun ni jgn la excited nak beraya awal lagi ye.. hehe jgn sampai smayang raya dua kali.. =p

1:21 AM

Blogger Super_Duper_Yummy said...

hahaha..siot je raja.layan bahan aku.

9:36 AM


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