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Monday, September 11, 2006

To specialize or being an all-rounder

Firstly, having seen a lot of my friends' blogs made me feel so inferior with the way they think, with the way the see the world, the way they define life and they way they write. I would say, I am not on par with them in many ways and respects their thoughts and mentality. Good job guys!

Well, straight to the point...What do u think? Being extremely good in particularly one thing or being an average all-rounder? I think, all of us have been told to be good in everything that we are doing in life. If u study, BE GOOD IN STUDY. If u play sport, BE GOOD IN SPORT. If u play musical instruments, BE GOOD IN IT...so basically everyone will try his best to excell in those things. The question is, are we really DAMN GOOD in those things? My experience tells me that, i ended up being an average joe in study, sports and all that i got involved in. BTW, I used to dream of studying in US and impresses NBA scouts so dat i can play in NBA..but God had better plans for me in NZ :)

Lets see others, like Tiger Woods..he started playing golf since 3 years old and i believe that he has been a golf slave since then. Now, look at him...he is a WORLD CHAMPION. What i am trying to say is, he focuses on one thing throughout his life and get the outstanding success. There are a lot of other examples but i just dont want to do further research.

The question now is, is it possible to be an EXCELLENT ALL-ROUNDER where u are damn good in everything u do....hmmm..Do we have the ability to master all? The question remains hanging..what would u say?

After all it depends on how we define a SUCCESS. How do we gauge our success in things that we've got involved in. I might not elaborate much, but i hope u understand what i am trying to say. Care to comment? :)


Blogger sangkuriang said...

erm.. sistem pendidikan kita yang mengsyorkan kita berjaya di semua bidang.. kurikulum dan kokurikulum.. kritis dan kreatif.. hehe.. western country, esp germany, diorang ada vocasional school yang mantap.. which mean sapa yg dah tak brapa cerdik di akedemik after standard 6, boleh pilih bidang yg dia minat, masa form 1..

1:49 PM

Blogger Super_Duper_Yummy said...

tol gak tuh..cikgu2 aku dulu sume nak all rounder.Sponsor aku pon sama..hehe. Tu masalahnye kalo exam oriented. Last2 study utk exam gak.mcm mane nak ingat? (aku pon sama gak ar :p)

4:06 PM

Blogger mohd azmir said...

haha.. tu ar sal!! but aku rase sume org nak jadi all-rounder kalo leh!! n bagi aku all-rounder tak semestinya kene power sume bende, but at least beat than average dlm sume bende dah kire all rounder kot?? kalo sume bende nak no 1 jer susah ar.. macam mane pun back kat usaha sesorang 2, kalo die tul2 wat all out n put all his effort in sumting is posible for that person to SUCCESS dlm sume bende!!


so kene ade sume 2!! hahaha.. insyaalah leh kot?

12:09 AM

Blogger yayayayayayayaaa said...

alipppp!! i suka this post! hihi. nway, i think, like ur last paragraph tuuu--it all depends on how you define success. =)

nway good luck with ur exams n everythin!! eh u pun mcm excellent all-rounder gak aa....study hebat.... basketball, lagi aaaaa.... whoooaaaaa... hehehehe =D

oh yea, haritu i told u bout my midsem exam tu kan...i dpt buat! hehe thanx cos suruh i bersabar haritu...hahahha =)

3:56 PM

Blogger yuliana said...

juz be good in the eyes of yours..u'll be satisfied enough with ur life=)
"satisfy=happy=+ve mind=success"

8:47 AM


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