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Wednesday, September 06, 2006


Holiday ended with a nite with Higher Education Minister, Dato' Mustapa and a new term started with Fluid Mechanic test which i think i screwed it up quite badly but luckily most of the students also admitted that they did badly..So, i am not too worry. We were in the same boat *cross fingers*.

Apparently, i am trying to adjust myself to a new way of life; trying to accept everyone's unique behaviour and learn from the differences possessed by each of us.To be honest, i am struggling to understand others. Well, it takes some times and i am determined to do it!

"Variety spices up life"


Blogger mohd azmir said...

chill sudeyh bro!! sape nyer perangai 2 ko nak adapt?? ko cayer ar member2 ko yg kater diorang kantoi 2. saje nak low profile!! tgk2 result kuar score.. ahahah!!
aper2 pun chiling sudeyh...s

7:54 PM

Blogger Super_Duper_Yummy said...

sial je tengkuk..buat aku rasa cuak ngan test aku..hohoho!

Perangai sape?..haha! Basically sume orang ar, especially orang2 yg mmg aku tak paham perangai diorang..hehe.chill beb.

10:39 PM

Anonymous Michael Carrick said...

hoho...lepak ar,baru test
selamat blaja kembali...aku plak yg cuti..
nak g umah syaireen pasni ah...haha
bleh ak?

1:04 AM

Blogger Super_Duper_Yummy said...

hahaha..!! Pegi la melawat syaireen tu.die mesti bosan dok kat Keramat sorang2.ditambah dgn ketiadaan aku kat shah alam skrg,lagi la..hohoho!chill sudeyh

1:22 AM


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