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Friday, September 22, 2006


Ok2.. i know it has been a while and i admit dat i am lazy to update this blog after the last one.

I am in Glade rite now and wondering when i am going to go home. After spending almost 4 hours for this one bloody question which confused me, i feel so sick. i am sick of looking on the notes, trying to understand every single bit and apply it to the question dat i am about to solve. 4 hours seem not enough for my brain. ( am i an idiot?..)

Apparently, i am working on the bridge. I gonna have a bridge competition on next Friday. The bridge is 80% done and i cant wait to see my BABY performs. Basically, the rule is, the bridge can stand 2 ppl and collapse when the third person steps in. So, it's all about accuracy and precision. I hope everything goes sweet and to those who read this, come and support the competition.It will be a great fun to see Civil Engr 1st pro students fall into the stream in front of UCSA..and one of them is ME!!

I think the Canterburians are going to have a picnic to celebrate our achievements throughout the year ( i assume je k!..RAM's achievement in particular..:p ) Ok, dat sounds good. Unfortunately, i also have a field trip on dat day which is just not goooooddd!! Why on that day Mr Lecturer!! ( this shows dat i have no clue about my lecturer's name. I dont give a damn ) Its ok..i can always socialize with them afterwards.

Ramadhan is coming. Past experience tells me that, celebrating Ramadhan i.e fasting in Christchurch is a great fun and i really love it. The fact that most of us will gather for tarawikh prayer and then have some so-called moreh, i just love that and looking forward to it. One more thing..hehe, for sure i will wake up for sahur ( i hardly miss sahur k!..my stomach is not strong enough to resist natural acidic juice ) So, i have no reason to miss subuh :p...well i am just hoping that we will have a great ramadhan and improve spiritually,mentally and physically.amin.

Thats all for this time. No more complaint yer tengkuk..Neng, ko jgn buat muka lak..haha!

P/S: Terasa nak letak gambar hot chicks, pastu tulis "AAAAaaaaaaaaaa...(endless)" :p


Blogger sangkuriang said...

hahaha.. last sentence is so sweeeeettt.. hohoh.. cam perli neng je..

7:25 AM

Blogger mohd azmir said...

hahaha.. sorry bro keep bugging!!
macam ko tak biase kan??
yups agree with raja.. sweet as!!!

8:38 AM

Blogger Faiz said...


Hot chicks?


10:17 AM

Anonymous baby-face sol said...

mate why spend 4 hours on 1 question? not worth it..go get a smart asian and copy from him/her..haha. make sure u know what u're copying though. otherwise it gonna bite u right back in the ass during the exam. haha. good luck with the bridge. look forward to seeing it collapse!

7:14 PM

Blogger Super_Duper_Yummy said...

maybe aku terlalu jujur dalam buat assignment..hahaha.tu ar pasal.takpe2,harap2 ada kesan positif ar lepas aku perah otak tuh..hoho

7:26 PM

Blogger Mr Syah said...

spiritually, mentally and physically

10:52 PM

Blogger neng_fused said...

Erm, letak ar gmbr hot chick....Then letak AAAAAAAAAA sekali....

6:15 PM


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