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Tuesday, October 17, 2006

The best form of advice

Something that i realized lately. An indirect advice is the best form of advice. It makes ones think and reevaluate themselves. Should i say the advice is more "berhikmah" as compared to a direct in-the-face advice. Yeah, thanks to the bloggers who bother to generally advise others via their writings. Keep on the doing so. One thing, i like to listen to a conversation where someone is advising somebody else. Sounds like spying but it's worth doing. At least u can try to relate the conversation/advice to yourself and THINK later...alrite, take care and gud luck in your study homie. :p


Blogger sangkuriang said...

yupzz.. lagi pedas, tanpa menyinggung hati dan perasaan orang.. itu yang terbaik..

11:49 AM

Blogger mohd azmir said...

hahaha.. u so rite raja! cam aku slalu wat ko lep!! muahahaha..

1:29 PM

Blogger Super_Duper_Yummy said...

TENGKUKI: hekeleh, ko mane ada kasi berhikmah punye.terus tepet kat muke aku.tapi takpe ar,sbb ko yg buat,takde hal nye.

RAJA: Betol raja...yg susahnye kalo orang tak paham bahasa la.

1:30 AM


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