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Thursday, October 19, 2006

The [ Caffeine + Ginseng]'s Effect

Some ppl say, caffeine is not good for your health. It leads to sleeping disorder and has the possibility of causing peptic ulcer under excessive consumption. So, where do u find caffeine? Obviously in COFFEE! DaaaaHHH..! ( gedik for secs )

Alrite, since ramadhan started, i kinda stop drinking coffee and tea became my new fetish since then. Coffee used to have no effect on me when i was in deadly caffeinism. Coffee was like a plain water for me at dat time. So now, after a few weeks without real coffee, caffeine seems to give me an ultimate no-sleep effect.

As a result, i am here, in front of aiman's PC to write this because I CANT SLEEP and i dont feel like studying after hours of doing so. Yeah, thanks to tengkuk for the kopi. tengkuk's kopi ginseng was awesome!!..even got tongkat ali sumore..The MAN POWER unleashed..hoho. It has been a long time since i had that kopi in Malaysia and thank God i taste it after 2 years. U r the man tengkuk! I should have asked my mom to send the coffee earlier but i never thought of it before until tengkuk gave it to me last nite.hoho...

Now, i dont think i will drink much coffee like i used to do. Tea seems to be a great alternative. Still got caffeine in it though. I just had another sachet of instant coffee to stay awake for Barca VS Chelsea game. So today's plan is : Study - Soccer Match - Sleep - Study - Gym - Iftar.. STUDY STUDY STUDY..wahaha! Like WHITE n NERDY..have u heard of that song b4?? funny aiye!


Blogger mohd azmir said...

hmm.. not only TONGKAT ALI, GINSENG sumore!! tu yang mantap abes bai!! cargas jer kan??
hahaha.. white rock lagi cargas bai!! melt in the mouth..

4:53 AM

Blogger Mr Syah said...

haha...thanks for the coffee tengkuk...nak lagi bole?

6:31 AM

Blogger Super_Duper_Yummy said...

white rock tu gua dah chop awal2..aku tahu ada 2 tong.so make sure tinggal kan setengah tong utk aku..hahaha! kiddin'..

7:10 AM

Blogger sangkuriang said...

haha.. alip macam annuar zain dalam iklan power root la.. MANTAPP!!!.. hahahah

11:57 AM

Blogger mohd azmir said...

hohoho.. nak agi yer razwi? hm.. akan ku pk kan macam mane yer!!

1:34 PM


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