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Friday, November 17, 2006

They told me...

This summer. I thought i would miss many of my frens and honestly i feel it rite now. Now, i feel kind of regreting for going back home to Malaysia late. hmm..and i am trying to convince myself that it is worth staying a bit longer and work for a while here before coming back. I dont want to go home broke. :)

This summer, i have been blessed with a lot of advices from many people. Just a few that i feel like sharing rite now. I had a conversation with this one of the PR. I asked about his life experience la basically. Forget about the things that we discussed, the most important thing that i got from him was that, "when u are young, work for money..and when u get old, let the money work for u"..kind of vague if u dont really get it. Let us shift our view in a holy/religious perspective. Find money as much as u can. Then when u get old, u dont feel like working hard and u kinda look for a peaceful life, use the money to contribute back to the Ummah. U might wanna build a mosque, organize religious activities, or any amal jariah. Afterall, he said your intention must always be good all the time. Think of contributing back to the community and insyaAllah Allah help as long as the process is correct...:)

Well, i have got a job to help a builder to renovate a house. It would probably take 2 weeks to finish and after that i will shoot off to Malaysia..yeay!

My supervisor is a cool guy. He worked in many industries before. He was a butcher. He was a real estate agent. Basically he did a lot of jobs before he became a builder. What did he said that is really useful i supposed is that, whenever u had a chance to work as anything; probably engineer, technician, teacher etc etc, grab the opportunity especially when u were young because u will never know what is best for u until u try each job. U might dislike being an engineer eventhough u had a degree of engineering. U might think doctor is a cool job when u were studying medic in uni but then after jumping into the industry, u hate it. Of all job he has done, he said being a builder is the best job for him and previous jobs were bullshit (he said so ok!)..I think he is true also la. For me, my passion and happiness will decide my future. I dont want to do the job that i hate eventhough the pay is damn good!..So i guess, we should try to expand our skills apart of having heaps of knowledge in mind. Sounds like a good reason for not studying hard in uni aiye!..:p

Well, it is summer. So guys, make sure u apply sunblock on. Afterward ur skin will get roasted la.hehe. Take care and have a good holiday! Miss u guys alot. :)


Blogger sangkuriang said...

selamat mengecat!! =)

12:07 AM

Blogger mohd azmir said...

hoho... tul dowh ape yg konyer bos ckp 2!! but kat msia tak leh nak apply kot?? igt senang ape nak tukar2 keje cam 2?? huhu... btw ade ke sape2 specific yg ko rindu 2?? share lah ngn kengkwan.. lol!! =P

12:11 AM

Blogger sangkuriang said...

tuh ar pasal.. ngan kawan2 pun nak berkira.. share la.. =p

2:22 PM

Blogger Super_Duper_Yummy said...

wahaha!! pandai la korang tease aku. kasi spank sikit raja!..wahaha.(panas je member :p)

tengkuk: tu ar pasal.maybe kat sini macam senang buat kot.malaysia ko tahu la,kalo takde cable,susah nak naik.hehe..apa2 pon,try la dulu.usaha dan terus mencuba.yg penting jgn takut gagal (motivasi sempena result yg bakal kluar ;P)

5:08 PM

Blogger zabs said...

Untuk meningkat cepat dalam kerjaya kita harus sentiasa mencari peluang-peluang baru. Tentukan tawaran yang hendak diterima mesti lebih baik dari yang sediaada. Tak kira di mana ia boleh di apply. Hanya perlu menambah pengetahuan dari masa ke semasa. Perlu dynamik dan memandang ke hadapan dan tidak jumut dan mundur. Bersiap sedia untuk segala kemungkinan. Peluang akan datang jika kita telah bersedia. InsyaAllah.

5:26 PM


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