I see, I evaluate, I write...

Saturday, January 13, 2007


Well, i think i have been spoiling myself since i came back to Malaysia. Though i had a few good things done but i guess most of the time was heavily wasted. Apparently i think with the chance that i had at the moment, plus after two years living overseas, i guess i would really love to spend my holiday with my mom, family, friends, a cat named Putu ( yeah i know it's a horrible name,blame my sis! ) food and etc. The intention was that, i would spend a month to do the practical work, but it seems that i dont have enough time to spend on it rather concentrating more on my social life.

Yesterday, my friend's younger brother who is also my neighbour was admitted in a hospital suspiciously because of "sawan". I hope he will be fine and has nothing wrong with his brain since the doctor will scan his brain to check for any causes.

I thought i would meet a lot of girls during the holiday..and YESS!! i did see a lot of girls!!..wahahhahaha!! chill sudeyh!

I have got this one girl. She is my friend since primary school. I always call her when i was in NZ for the past 2 years. We were really close to each other. We talked a lot in the phone and i think everytime i feel like talking to someone, i always call her. But now, after she has got a bf, she doesnt even reply my txt's. I asked her for meeting up, she refused. I wonder why she could easily give up our friendship after having a boyfriend.alaaa, boyfriend je.Bukan suami pon! Maybe nak kawin dah kot.who knows..but still! :(

When i heard Il Dive is touring asia, i said, " Il Divo je~"..hoho. Then i watched Thursday nite live where Il Divo was the guest of that nite. Upon watching the show, i thought it was a cool band. It is really different and i guessed by watching them perform live would be awesome and unique. So i looked on the internet to check for the ticket price. To my amazement, the cheapest ticket was RM500!!..wth! A plan to bring a chick along burns..demnit!

A man said to me, " You look like a gay man" and he acted macholy then. I was like, shit you man! And then, a gay man added me in Friendster and having a primary picture of him under the duvet.Aaarrgghh!! Tension! Gay sgt ke aku nih!!!

I also watched a drama series. All handsome men in the drama were Malaysians and all girls were Indonesians. And the chicks spoke Indonesian while the men spoke Indonesianish Malay..it was so funny listening to their conversation. Jehan Miskin acted in that series btw. That is what we call cross-lingual series. Fortunately the babes were awesome! That was the main attraction i supposed.