I see, I evaluate, I write...

Friday, March 30, 2007

Happy Birthday Super Duper

First of all, Thank Allah for allowing me to live the life until this age, 21. Alhamdulillah~

Being a 21 year old bloke, does not make me feel like an adult. I am still alip. The way i behave, the way i talk, the way i joke, the way i interact, always remains the same. I do what i think is good. I socialize as i like. I study as usual. Yet, i realize the importance of a change for better. A change that adds value to myself..

I like to observe people. By observation, i could see the values each of my friends possessed. Yet they are not well defined but at least i acknowledge their values and as always i want to integrate those values into myself.

Well, i exchanged a few emails with my father. U know father to son emails, with all motivating words. I know my dad is so sentimental. i wonder how he tackled my mom though! :p..anyways, some how he mentioned about how fast 21 years has gone and he could not even feel it. That makes me think of how wonderful my childhood was. Being so close to my parents and all. I dont know wat exactly i was thinking, but i felt like shedding tears when i read the email. Oh God,i miss my childhood. I hope i did not fail them anyhow.

I would like to thank my friends who organized the bday party dat nite. Nice cake made by ILA. *THANKS* . Warm wishes by mates. Precious gifts by Ila and Ira. Thanks heaps and i always be grateful to be having such a wonderful bunch of friends like u guys :)

To sarah, if u read this, i just wanna thank you for all good and sweet things u had done to me from the moment we met and chat till now.I really miss those days where we lepak at Sakeem having nonstop,funny and gedik chat..hihihi! Owh God, i miss u baby! >:D< >:D< >:D< :-* Owh yeah, about the notes, :D..i am gonna read them frequently. :)

i browsed tengkuk's blog just now. u never failed to appreciate ur friends bro. Dat wat makes u a good friend ( minus the bahan-orang habit :p ) Thanks for the post bro!

As usual, every birthday normally we have so called birthday wishes. As for this year, i'll be a better person especially in terms of relationship with ALLAH. In terms of academic, finishing this year without failure. :p..Sports wise, being able to dunk and improvement in fitness and BMI=23.hehehe..

Finally, thanks for all parties and individuals who cherished my birthday. Together we seek happiness in life an hereafter.

I quoted this from my fren's frenster profile - "Don't be dismayed at good-byes. A farewell is necessary before you can meet again. And meeting again after a moment or lifetime is certain for those who are friends."

Sunday, March 25, 2007

Current Mood..

Something has just gone wrong...:(

Friday, March 23, 2007

I hate it when it happens...

damn! i just dont understand wat the hell am i thinking now. do i care? am i suppose to stop her? am i being to open for this? or am i just not rational enough to control my life?..man! The mixed feelings has been playing around my mind for the past few days. And tonite i kinda confuse with the feeling that has been questioning all sort of actions taken before..did i make a wrong decision? was i being too selfish?.. am i regreting wat ive done before?..if my egoistic evil answer, " i never regret on my own action, u fool!" but hey, i think i have just lose the logic that should have been taken into consideration long ago.Damn! W

Did she care?..Do i aware? Did she gave me the right advice? am i being too self-centered?..nah! she has nothing to do with my life..but still she is the closest one rite now....owh God!..

stop it baby..u might see me like i dont care but i know i care.and i never wanna admit it.coz i hate confession of my own feeling!! i think it should be kept to myself and the closest ones..but hey! u are supposed to be my closest one..why shouldnt i tell u? why u are not the first to know?.dont blame me. i dont blame anyone. u neither. i hate it when this happens.i hope the same outcome wont happen again in this new episode of my life.somehow, we ignore the most important thing in human life - connection!!! the point ppl start to ignore others..thats when we should be worried..come on! think alip!..and again, i stress, I HARDLY CONFESS!!!...i m tired.sorry for being a sick psycho!well no body read this anyway.

Saturday, March 10, 2007

I ve got nothing to do

lagu yg dah lama aku tak layan....ADA BAND [ haruskah ku mati ]

Thursday, March 08, 2007

I am back!

Blogging, nampaknye nafsu utk berblogging menjadi semakin ghairah semula.tapi tak seghairah aku utk memulakan semester ini dan berusaha sabaik mungkin utk tidak merepeat any paper utk next year :p..yeah, aku memang tgh struggle!!

Ape yg menarik setelah hampir sebulan aku kat christchurh nih??..hehe, agak sibuk ngan aktiviti2 club..mcm every week gak la aktiviti sane sini. Study??..consistent sudeyh!! Ape2 pon, aku bersyukur sebab tahun ni Petsoc dikurniakan ahli2 TEC yg sgt committed ngan kelab dan insyaAllah, akan ku lead Petsoc sebaik mungkin utk contribute balik kepada Petronas scholars dan masyarakat2 sekeliling melalui aktiviti yg berfaedah dan berunsurkan kebajikan..slogan Petronas yg inspiring "Energy Received, Energy Return"..nak compete ngan CMSA??..not in my plan..social sudeyh!! tetibe mcm controversial pulak bile Petsoc bukak membership..ape2 pon, aku cume nak meramaikan umat dalam aktiviti2 yg Petsoc buat di samping meng"create" relationship yg sihat antara budak2 Petronas and other scholars and Malaysians..dulu kata budak Pet ngan Pet je..skrg bile nak membina ukhuwah yg baik, ada pulak mulut2 yg nakal kata kite nak memecah belahkan umat malaysia kat sini.hehe..notty la u! Ape2 pon, aku akan teruskan ngan agenda aku utk membina atmosphere yg friendly di kalangan ahli2 aku. *peace*