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Friday, March 23, 2007

I hate it when it happens...

damn! i just dont understand wat the hell am i thinking now. do i care? am i suppose to stop her? am i being to open for this? or am i just not rational enough to control my life?..man! The mixed feelings has been playing around my mind for the past few days. And tonite i kinda confuse with the feeling that has been questioning all sort of actions taken before..did i make a wrong decision? was i being too selfish?.. am i regreting wat ive done before?..if my egoistic evil answer, " i never regret on my own action, u fool!" but hey, i think i have just lose the logic that should have been taken into consideration long ago.Damn! W

Did she care?..Do i aware? Did she gave me the right advice? am i being too self-centered?..nah! she has nothing to do with my life..but still she is the closest one rite now....owh God!..

stop it baby..u might see me like i dont care but i know i care.and i never wanna admit it.coz i hate confession of my own feeling!! i think it should be kept to myself and the closest ones..but hey! u are supposed to be my closest one..why shouldnt i tell u? why u are not the first to know?.dont blame me. i dont blame anyone. u neither. i hate it when this happens.i hope the same outcome wont happen again in this new episode of my life.somehow, we ignore the most important thing in human life - connection!!! the point ppl start to ignore others..thats when we should be worried..come on! think alip!..and again, i stress, I HARDLY CONFESS!!!...i m tired.sorry for being a sick psycho!well no body read this anyway.


Blogger mohd azmir said...

bai ape ko merepek??
tak phm?? but if u need someone to talk, im here bro..
aper2 aku n raja ade!!!

8:56 AM

Anonymous Miss Perantauan said...

owh mr alip,
kadang2 org yg paling kite sayang adelah org paling sukar utk disayangi...maknanya,learn how to let it go and make ur life more happier, wat ever u do, think of urself first then other...insyaAllah u will be more peaceful...ameen...pepun ingat masih ramai yg sayangkan kite, tapi kite jeh yg tak nampak (ignorance) it is normal...hargailah ape yg kite ade ye adek alip...=)

8:47 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

u knw who am i rite??i dun hve to mention..sometimes i wonder ,what does it take for a relationship to be successful..well, i have an experience where i had been washed out into da drain, my world became a stumbling down juz in a second and da love n da trust has gone so fast in just a blinking eye..human made mistakes..same goes to me..sometimes i didnt knw where i stand..well,its true when people said 'kite hanya merancang,Tuhan yg menentukan'..everything is in God hand..every single thing dat had happen has its own reason..we as a human always questioning this n that,how n why..evitin goes wrong!!!why?why?why?and most of it is complaining why life is not fair!!!there must be a reason behind that..check bck urself,what did u do wrong..n learn how to improve urself if God suddenly give u da opportunity to fall in love once again..i didnt ask to love or to be loved bcuz love come frm our inner heart that we cant control or stop it..its grow everyday without u realizing it~
im sorry..truly sorry..frm da bottom of my heart i didnt mean to get to personal at da first place but as i said love is there..cant stop it n cant even control it~
should i ignore 'him'??should i throw 'him' away frm my life??should i juz get rid of 'him'??should i???!!or should i try to get to knw 'him' betta??see!!human always ask something more..something dat is unexpected..huh..so,my lovely tummy yummy boy life is not hard but life is not as easy as u guys thought..appreciate love bcuz its something dat really2 precious and easily broke once u break it!!!

8:00 AM


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