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Wednesday, May 30, 2007

aKU dan kebaikan

Mulai hari ini aku berjanji aku akan menjadi budak yg baik dan matang sikit. Taknak nakal2 lagi dah. Hati kene sabar. Mulut kene jaga. Hati kene ikhlas. Mata kene jaga. Hormat orang lain dan mendengar nasihat orang.:)

Saturday, May 26, 2007


discrimination..that's is what i experienced for the past few days. my group members tend to look down on me and when it comes to delegation of tasks, they gave me a very minor role like typing out the hand-written calculations, helping out this one guy to complete dat section ( am i an assistant? ) and so on.

The worst part is they blame me for not doing well in the group. I was like, " hey, u asked me to do this. I did my part and when things go bad, u blame me for not contributing much in the group"..My commitment to the group seems worthless to them. I attended all meetings. I give my points and comment and did everything that i was asked and supposed to do...

I had a look on the report and somehow i couldnt find the materials that i wrote. Dat is so not good coz i did my best to come up with those points and they ignore those things. I might not be good in dat subject but at least appreciate my work. Bloody u!

Damn..it is a dissapointment to know dat i have to go through all of this. My chinese friends also experienced this and they said they had gone through this alot of time b4.so they kinda getting used to it.

I ll figure wout at can i do to improve this. Now, lets concentrate on studies.

p/s: its good to be asians

Thursday, May 24, 2007

my favourite cartoon show

dah lama aku tak layan Family Guy. Usha2 kat youtube..pastu terjumpa video ni..lawak ni memang awesome dan kreatif. tak penah aku terpikir director cartoon nih boleh come out with this idea walapon mcm bodoh.a must see cartoon nih!!higly recommended but not suitable utk remaja yg belum baligh.baligh dulu baru leh tgk..:p

Saturday, May 19, 2007

Weekly rantings

Some people are just historically really good. Be it in leadership, sports, singing, dancing, or other talents everyone would ever want to possess. They excelled in everything they involved in since they were really young. Those excellence made they think that they are a good enough in everything they are currently doing or will be doing in the future. Thus, they tend to ignore people's opinion in many matters coz they know they did well last time and proudly think they can cope with any new challenge without the assistance of others.

..and when sumthing isnt going according to their plan, they tend to blame the system, but not themselves. They blame others for not teaching them well, they blame others for giving less attention to them. They blame other for many reasons they could think of and obviously there are heaps of reasons if u r getting away out of trouble.

...and life requires u to learn from history, learn from other's experience, learn from failure and so on. When everything seems not alrite, there must be sumthing wrong with them coz historically they are succesful persons. So, reflecting the pasts, thinking of how well they did last time and wat made them so succesful might help them to recover their excellence back.

...well, it is not as easy as it seems to be. People change. They meet new people. They get new lifestyle. They have their own mentallity. They get to know new things. And more importantly, they experience more life has to offer. Therefore, making them, a 'new them'... Transforming into an 'old you' might be an option. but is it a better option? -end-

This weekend is awesome. Lepaking with raja, neng, and tengkuk brought back those amazing moments we all had last year. eina wasnt there though to join us. Guys, the nite was awesome, lets have more next time! project manager kene kasi aktif sikit :p..

btw, i learned a new word which is 'hook'..i dont want to discuss about the meaning but it is such an insult to know dat u r hooked..damn! ( terasa loser :|)

anyways, assignments, bersatu games, exams, stress, tension, compression (lame)..are coming soon and coping with them is not a happy thing. I try to ignore them but i cant because i am a responsible person ( vain + ngade )..so happy struggling for betterment and dont lose faith in Allah, coz He architects our life. No matter how hard life is, how unfair the system is, how bad ur luck is, and how big ur failure is, dont give up. God has his way to reward ur hardship.

A question to ponder: do u know how easy it is to lose both ur fren and ur beloved girlfren at the same time? my answer would be: fairly easy if u treat both of them in the same manner..ur say?

Sunday, May 13, 2007

...and i wonder

...and LOVE life is always be underestimated by the amatures. Undervalued by the ignorants. Overdone by the hornies..haha!

...and we always thought, the relationship will turn out good and we retain the optimism to the highest level all the time hoping dat we wont screwed it.

...and we thought we could handle our love life ourselves, and eventually found out that we couldnt cope up with it; regreting the decision made. but hey it was a good life lesson. Experience is the best teacher. At least u realize ur needs and capabilities as well as weakness (ego :D).

...and they said the magical "3 words" but arent realized the consequence responsibilites that they are accounted for.

...and some thought they could find someone better without realizing the fact dat the previous one was the best!! :D

...and some said, "i am cool coz i am single.Screw u jiwang ppl :p" and they r
virtually miserable.

...and some are just too stuck with love. Ignoring his/her frens. Only finding them after they broke up.

...and wat would u do if u fall in love with ur fren's ex? Many cases happen nowadays though.

...and why distance is a problem when ur heart is close to each other..jauh di mata dekat di hati la konon :p..hahah! blame the internet connection. LOL!

...and why some avoid his/her close frens after he/she confessed his/her love to u.damn!

...and meeting a few (not many! ;p) sucky gf/bf before ending up with an ultimate one. later they will realize how grateful they are ending up with u..hmm, interesting~

...and i continue wondering~

Saturday, May 05, 2007

Hinder - Better than me

I think this song is a good song. I have been playing it most of the time; while playing games, before sleep, while studying, and blalalala..yet i still love it and doesnt bore me at all (at least until rite now)..so my love to this song led me to watch the video clip and comprehend the lyrics. Lyrics, not too bad. The story, sad yet giving a good reminder for some of us.."do i deserve u,or probably do u deserve me?"..hehehe..a good thing to be pondered about. After all, it is an awesome song. :)

Tuesday, May 01, 2007


Maths bodo!