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Sunday, May 13, 2007

...and i wonder

...and LOVE life is always be underestimated by the amatures. Undervalued by the ignorants. Overdone by the hornies..haha!

...and we always thought, the relationship will turn out good and we retain the optimism to the highest level all the time hoping dat we wont screwed it.

...and we thought we could handle our love life ourselves, and eventually found out that we couldnt cope up with it; regreting the decision made. but hey it was a good life lesson. Experience is the best teacher. At least u realize ur needs and capabilities as well as weakness (ego :D).

...and they said the magical "3 words" but arent realized the consequence responsibilites that they are accounted for.

...and some thought they could find someone better without realizing the fact dat the previous one was the best!! :D

...and some said, "i am cool coz i am single.Screw u jiwang ppl :p" and they r
virtually miserable.

...and some are just too stuck with love. Ignoring his/her frens. Only finding them after they broke up.

...and wat would u do if u fall in love with ur fren's ex? Many cases happen nowadays though.

...and why distance is a problem when ur heart is close to each other..jauh di mata dekat di hati la konon :p..hahah! blame the internet connection. LOL!

...and why some avoid his/her close frens after he/she confessed his/her love to u.damn!

...and meeting a few (not many! ;p) sucky gf/bf before ending up with an ultimate one. later they will realize how grateful they are ending up with u..hmm, interesting~

...and i continue wondering~


Blogger mohd azmir said...

ko nk jadi love counselor gk kerh bro?? hehehehehe... =P

5:37 PM

Blogger Super_Duper_Yummy said...

hahaha!! tak dapat jack nak jadi love counselor. love commentator boleh ar. :D

10:25 PM

Blogger mohd azmir said...

hahahaha... ok gak tu!!! byk menyumbang pahala bro!!! =D

10:37 PM

Blogger neng_fused said...

...and some said, "i am cool coz i am single.Screw u jiwang ppl :p" and they r virtually miserable.
------------->>> YE KER? Tak pon!

5:58 PM

Blogger Super_Duper_Yummy said...

haha!!..tu sume random thoughts..might applicable to someone yg terasa..but DEFINITELY NOT U LA NENG!! hohoho..

8:53 PM

Blogger mohd azmir said...

sure or not neng?? muahahahahahahaha...

8:48 PM


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