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Saturday, May 26, 2007


discrimination..that's is what i experienced for the past few days. my group members tend to look down on me and when it comes to delegation of tasks, they gave me a very minor role like typing out the hand-written calculations, helping out this one guy to complete dat section ( am i an assistant? ) and so on.

The worst part is they blame me for not doing well in the group. I was like, " hey, u asked me to do this. I did my part and when things go bad, u blame me for not contributing much in the group"..My commitment to the group seems worthless to them. I attended all meetings. I give my points and comment and did everything that i was asked and supposed to do...

I had a look on the report and somehow i couldnt find the materials that i wrote. Dat is so not good coz i did my best to come up with those points and they ignore those things. I might not be good in dat subject but at least appreciate my work. Bloody u!

Damn..it is a dissapointment to know dat i have to go through all of this. My chinese friends also experienced this and they said they had gone through this alot of time b4.so they kinda getting used to it.

I ll figure wout at can i do to improve this. Now, lets concentrate on studies.

p/s: its good to be asians


Anonymous ira said...

focus2.. stadi btol2

1:47 PM

Blogger Mr Syah said...

racist buggers!!!

12:49 AM

Anonymous faisal said...

chiayok bro!!!

11:16 PM

Blogger rational thinker said...


when i had walked through the same corridor, it is always at the back of my mind that these people (kiwis) would typically stereotype us asians, chinese in particular to be less bright, and less wanting to participate. The more i think of that, the more i want to prove them wrong. Proved them wrong i did.

So can you. Don't give up just because you felt that you haven't contributed much. don't give up because they made you felt stupid. make it a point to prove yourself. and in that process, you will learn a lot about yourself and your capabilities.

never give up.


9:23 AM

Anonymous km said...

that's today's reality when people choose not to see through the differences. that's why one party will just hype on the weakness instead searching for the strength.

keep trying man => you 'll make it =>

6:55 PM


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