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Saturday, May 19, 2007

Weekly rantings

Some people are just historically really good. Be it in leadership, sports, singing, dancing, or other talents everyone would ever want to possess. They excelled in everything they involved in since they were really young. Those excellence made they think that they are a good enough in everything they are currently doing or will be doing in the future. Thus, they tend to ignore people's opinion in many matters coz they know they did well last time and proudly think they can cope with any new challenge without the assistance of others.

..and when sumthing isnt going according to their plan, they tend to blame the system, but not themselves. They blame others for not teaching them well, they blame others for giving less attention to them. They blame other for many reasons they could think of and obviously there are heaps of reasons if u r getting away out of trouble.

...and life requires u to learn from history, learn from other's experience, learn from failure and so on. When everything seems not alrite, there must be sumthing wrong with them coz historically they are succesful persons. So, reflecting the pasts, thinking of how well they did last time and wat made them so succesful might help them to recover their excellence back.

...well, it is not as easy as it seems to be. People change. They meet new people. They get new lifestyle. They have their own mentallity. They get to know new things. And more importantly, they experience more life has to offer. Therefore, making them, a 'new them'... Transforming into an 'old you' might be an option. but is it a better option? -end-

This weekend is awesome. Lepaking with raja, neng, and tengkuk brought back those amazing moments we all had last year. eina wasnt there though to join us. Guys, the nite was awesome, lets have more next time! project manager kene kasi aktif sikit :p..

btw, i learned a new word which is 'hook'..i dont want to discuss about the meaning but it is such an insult to know dat u r hooked..damn! ( terasa loser :|)

anyways, assignments, bersatu games, exams, stress, tension, compression (lame)..are coming soon and coping with them is not a happy thing. I try to ignore them but i cant because i am a responsible person ( vain + ngade )..so happy struggling for betterment and dont lose faith in Allah, coz He architects our life. No matter how hard life is, how unfair the system is, how bad ur luck is, and how big ur failure is, dont give up. God has his way to reward ur hardship.

A question to ponder: do u know how easy it is to lose both ur fren and ur beloved girlfren at the same time? my answer would be: fairly easy if u treat both of them in the same manner..ur say?


Blogger raja said...

bro!!.. this is the nicest post i've ever read.. thanks bro..

2:36 PM

Blogger mohd azmir said...

hmm, biler2 senang aku organize lagi yer!! leh makan free agi ekh?? lol...

12:32 PM

Blogger Super_Duper_Yummy said...

raja: hehe..kite saling memahami bro.

tengkuk: kali ni rezeki murah boleh la aku blanja.lain kali korang lak ek?..hoho

5:51 PM


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