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Friday, June 29, 2007

Hmm...life life life

It 12:45am Friday. I'm gonna have my last paper probably around 33 hours. The exam should be closed with flying colours, with full of passion, filled with eagerness and so on. Yet, i am not feeling that way. I am tired of this. The situation even get worse after i read the email sent by my student advisor telling about higher expectation from petronas as well as warning to those failing students. And yes, i was one of those failing students. This year, i am surviving..surviving to the very end of my study.

I am well aware that by being a Petronas scholar, one has to be bounded and follow the way they play the game. They have set the standard and as a person who is under their contract, we have no choice except for being on par or better than their expectation...

Do i feel regret? Do they made the wrong choice? Was the assessment effective? Is it just a bad luck? Or probably, this is a part of my life that God wants me to learn out of it...and i choose to think on the positive side..I ll be good.insyaAllah

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

mari belajar concrete..

I have been struggling to understand this but its actually easy!!

shear strength is the most important thing in concrete however it is so complicated.this is what i have just found out after hours of understanding the notes

Shear strength in reinforced concrete can be distinguished between the one with shear reinforcement and the one without it. As for reinforced concrete (RC) without shear reinforcement, the shear is totally resisted by concrete aggregates. For a short, when the beam is sheared due to loads, the beam will develop sumthing that we call ARCH ACTION where compression struts and tensile ties are developed locally to resist shear. The shear strenth for this kind of of beam is given by V = reduction factor*Vc*b*d..i m not going into details.

As for long beam without shear reinforcement, the shear is totally resisted by 3 mechanisms namesly, the compression region, particles interlock and the dowel action. Particles interlocks account for 70% of the shear strength. Vn = Vc*b*d..where Vc = (0.07 + 10p )(fc')^(1/2). Vc cannot exceed 0.2(fc')^0.5 and cannot be less than 0.08(fc')^0.5...p on the other hands is the reinforcement ratio...it is also worth noting that for a column dat is having axial compression,the shear strength increases slightly. However if it is having tensile action, the shear strength reduces. I reckon it is because when the column is compressed the particles will be locked well hence increase the strength.

So finished with beam without shear reinforcement..how bout the one with it?..hehe..its easy!! This beam will definitely stronger in shear because not only the concrete aggregates will take the shear, the transverse reinforcement also does work together...and the strength is given by V = Vc + Vs = vc*b*d + AsFy(D/S) where d is the lenght of the section crossed by shear crack and s is the spacing of the stirrups (shear reinforcement)...it is assumed that the crack will cross at 45 degree and crossing a few stirrups..

So what kind of failure can we expect from shear effect?.....to list a few; stirrups yield, loss of stirrups anchorage, crushing of the web,and many more..

In most international codes though.50% of the design shear demand must be carried by the stirrups regardless of how much the concrete can take.

Basically thats wat ive learnt just now.i was trying to type it out with minimum reference so dat i understand and remember those key things..hehe...till then.

ps: tak sabar nak main masa bersatu lepas tgk gambar kontijen2 lain..gagaga

Tuesday, June 26, 2007


Today's paper is Engineering Math (Civil)...as i said earlier, i love Civil engineering so i am gonna go through this no matter how hard and tough. Damn i am so screwed up now and i am tired. i need a rest...ZZzz...

ps: imagine muke eva longoria pastu tido..pergh!

Monday, June 25, 2007

I love Civil Engineering

It's 6 am in the morning. The heater actively operates for the whole nite and occasionally turned off when the room gets too dried out and warm. Here i am waiting for subuh prayer then go to sleep.Zzz...

I recalled the moment i saw my friend's frenster. He has graduated from Canterbury and he put his graduation pictures in his profile. That burns my determination to do well like him and get my ass out of this course. The fact is, i love this course. But the truth is, it is a damn hard course and i cant afford to fail coz my sponsor doesnt allow dat. Well, good things come with a cost. Isnt it?...

I want to make it clear that, i really love civil engineering no matter how hard the course is. I am willing to go through all the suffer and hardship until i get the degree HERE! And now i am putting all my effort into it. nuff said~

ps: all engineering is hard as long as it is done HERE..hohoho!

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Super Duper Yummy

fokus aku agak lari sedikit apabila memikirkan Bersatu Games akan berlangsung dalam masa beberapa hari lagi.arrgghh!!..kenape aku ada 3 paper lagi?! Paper Math, Concrete, and then Stats. Penuh ngan numbers dan problems. Oh yeah, perut aku pulak tgh kenyang gile lepas makan kat rudleigh. Thanks to ila sbb kasi makan :D..Yg penting, teh tarik aku lagi best dari teh tarik ko..gagaga..

Orite, akan ku penuhi malam ini dengan study dan diakhiri dengan movie atau satu episod family guy yg aku suke gile...Hingga lain waktu.

ps: tolong la ada sorang awek hot gile masa bersatu..hahahaha!!..takleh2, kene at least 4 sebab kalo satu bnyk sgt saingan..haha!..ok2 dah merapu :p

Friday, June 22, 2007

A crush in the middle of the exam weeks.

Few days ago, i couldnt sleep.therefore i sat in front of the pc trying to find sumthing dat could make me occupied. So i came to a decision to watch prison break. That is when i feel in love with this lady called Camille Guaty. She is gorgeous!.nuff said

Thursday, June 21, 2007

3 out of 6

In deep frustration and mixed feelings, i sit in front of my pc and write this....

The third paper had just finished. 3 hours of mind blowing experience plus 2 previous papers on 3 consecutive days really makes me exhausted.

Just now i had Environmental Engineering II exam. The questions were FREAKY HARD. 11 questions all together, with 3 insufficient hours, plus one stinky fella sitting besides me and huge pressure surrounded the exam hall.

I am confident with the outcomes but i do hope everyone feels the same ie FEELING HARD.

Lets hope for a positive results and may Allah guide me to rigt path. Wassalam

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

2 paper is over

Alhamdulillah, i have done 2 papers. There will be another 4 to go. As for today's paper, i think i the paper is way harder than last year's one. Remember i repeat this paper?..heheh. After talking with some other guys they also thought that the paper was tough. So i am not dat worried. Whatever the outcome is, i would let ALLAH to decide what grade do i deserve ( insyaAllah ok )

I am so into Mirwana lately because i use Napie's car a lot and i listened to a lot of Mirwana songs while driving his car. I was actually a big fan of Mirwana last time and by having listened to the songs again, pretty much bringing the interests back. I wanted to put youtube of "Permataku" sung by Mirwana but i couldnt find a good video.

The night is cold. I am getting old. I need a food. To make my stomach full. So for u Pak n Save, here i come. And the i can get some..LOL

Gud nite and happy studying.Wassalam and take care

ps: i bought a fake nike basketball shoes in trademe. now i wanna get my refund..damn!

a brainwork

Sebelum aku tido, tetibe aku terpikir pasal insiden yg berlaku beru2 nih sewaktu aku makan malam bersama seorang ahli politik baru2 nih. Bukan nak ckp bnyk atau tunjuk hebat, tapi aku sangat percaya bahawa kite manusia ni tak boleh sewenang-wenangnye melabelkan sesuatu perkara itu salah lebih2 lagi bende2 yg berkaitan ngan agama nih unless bende tu memang terang2 salah mcm berzina, minum arak dan membunuh etc...

Siapalah kite untuk meng'judge' sesuatu perkara lebih2 lagi kite bukan ahli dalam bidang tu. Bercakap mengikut pandangan sendiri..of course semuanya dirasakan betol. Ditambah dengan support2 oleh manusia lain, lagi la ligat berbicara. Kadang2 kite tak tahu ape cerita disebalik sesuatu isu dan membuat kesimpulan melalui informasi yg daif sgt lah misleading...

Tambahan pula, sekarang manusia sgt di basuh oleh pemikiran dan cara hidup barat yg menghalalkan yg haram dan juga meletakkan imej yg buruk utk sesuatu yg baik. Tak payah pikir mentaliti barat, mentaliti rosak sesetengah melayu pon dah cukup dah. Tak perlu la aku ceritakan apa isu itu, cume aku rasa agak terkilan...

satu perkara lagi, maybe ada yg tak percaya aku tulis nih coz korang pon tahu aku ni mcm mane. Tapi sekurang-kurangnye amik la input yg korang rasa betol dan bermanfaat. :D

ps: "kesempurnaan adalah di tangan Sang Pencipta, manusia hanya mampu berlaku jujur"

Monday, June 18, 2007


tomorrow i ll be having my first paper out of six. Having the most papers among all ( currently ), i dont really feel the pressure. It's quite an amazement to be having this kind of feeling when everybody else are in deep pressure. I dont know whether this is a good sign or bad sign. Watever it is, i have already loaded myself with sufficient things that is required for me to do well in the exam ( lets hope so :p )

Therefore, i came to a conclusion that i already suffered too much last year until i couldnt even feel the pressure of exams this year ( i studied like hell last year yet failed a subject ) I hope i am not being ignorant yet hoping that it is the real calm as a result of last years suffer. ( staying calm doesnt mean i didnt study k )

lets hope everything goes fine this year for me with the effort and commitment that i have put since the beginning of the year. Even if i fail, i would accept it. I will let ALLAH to decide and guide me to the correct path.

Good luck to myself.Good luck to all Canterbury students who are reading this. May the force be with us. Together we succeed so that we can serve the community with the knowlegde we acquired in the future.

best wishes and wassalam

Saturday, June 16, 2007

gO SpurS Go!!

I dedicate this post to my favourite basketball team which is San Antonio Spurs. The team has been so great this season after winning the NBA Championship. I really fall in love with this team the moment i watched a documentary about this team in a dvd about 7 years back. That time i was not an NBA fan. I awared that there was MJ and Chicago Bulls but i really never heard of San Antonio Spurs..In 1999 Spurs was the NBA champ, and thats why they made the documentary in 2000..hehe.so since Spurs was the first great team that i knew after Chicago Bulls, i decided to be the fan. :D

Talking about the team...i like Spurs because of its simple yet effective gameplay. No fancy shits like a few NBA teams. Duncan??..He is an awesome forward. Basic move, but outstandingly consistent. I guess he was even much better during the time David Robinson playing alongside him. They both played awesome teamwork and connection.

Not to forget, the amazing French speedy bastard, Tony Parker who is going to marry Eva Longoria soon. Two rings in a year. Not bad for him. He must be happy. This lad is really fast!! He made crispy passes. He penetrates in split second. His finishing is 20/20..He is just an amazing point guard. I adore him very much eventhough Lebron James is still my best player when it comes to individual talent.

Well, i strongly think the teamwork underpinned the superiority of this amazing team. It is true that one person does not make a team. One really strong guy can never beat 5 average men if those men work properly (forget about the superheroes and Princess Fiona :p. By having said that, i hope Petsoc team will do well in Bersatu Games and work together with great sportmanship to achieve every success the Bersatu Games has to offer. If winning breaks us apart, let us not win. However, do give the best shot you can. I would regret if i lost because i didnt play to best level i could. (melencong la pulak :p)

Ok, congratulation to San Antonio Spurs and Tony Parker whose wedding is going to be soon (damn, it is hard to believe that Eva is going to get married..*frust*) I hope the legacy remains forever.

ps: i really thought of playing in NBA when i was in high school. Dats is why i wanted to go study in USA..but u know Petronas *sigh* hehehe..

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Awesome chick in an awesome song

Terubat rindu aku kat sofea jane dan teacher's pet..lagu yg sempoi, mantap dan best utk dilayan.

Friday, June 08, 2007


i had an awesome dream last nite. and yes i like it! [ not a wet dream k ]..i hope it really happens