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Wednesday, June 20, 2007

2 paper is over

Alhamdulillah, i have done 2 papers. There will be another 4 to go. As for today's paper, i think i the paper is way harder than last year's one. Remember i repeat this paper?..heheh. After talking with some other guys they also thought that the paper was tough. So i am not dat worried. Whatever the outcome is, i would let ALLAH to decide what grade do i deserve ( insyaAllah ok )

I am so into Mirwana lately because i use Napie's car a lot and i listened to a lot of Mirwana songs while driving his car. I was actually a big fan of Mirwana last time and by having listened to the songs again, pretty much bringing the interests back. I wanted to put youtube of "Permataku" sung by Mirwana but i couldnt find a good video.

The night is cold. I am getting old. I need a food. To make my stomach full. So for u Pak n Save, here i come. And the i can get some..LOL

Gud nite and happy studying.Wassalam and take care

ps: i bought a fake nike basketball shoes in trademe. now i wanna get my refund..damn!


Blogger mohd azmir said...

keji sial penjual kasut!!
igt kat msia jer ade bro..

10:16 AM


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