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Monday, June 18, 2007


tomorrow i ll be having my first paper out of six. Having the most papers among all ( currently ), i dont really feel the pressure. It's quite an amazement to be having this kind of feeling when everybody else are in deep pressure. I dont know whether this is a good sign or bad sign. Watever it is, i have already loaded myself with sufficient things that is required for me to do well in the exam ( lets hope so :p )

Therefore, i came to a conclusion that i already suffered too much last year until i couldnt even feel the pressure of exams this year ( i studied like hell last year yet failed a subject ) I hope i am not being ignorant yet hoping that it is the real calm as a result of last years suffer. ( staying calm doesnt mean i didnt study k )

lets hope everything goes fine this year for me with the effort and commitment that i have put since the beginning of the year. Even if i fail, i would accept it. I will let ALLAH to decide and guide me to the correct path.

Good luck to myself.Good luck to all Canterbury students who are reading this. May the force be with us. Together we succeed so that we can serve the community with the knowlegde we acquired in the future.

best wishes and wassalam


Blogger mohd azmir said...

good luck bro!!
semoga berjaya jawab exam nanti!!
dah abes exam nanti..
kiter berentap plak kat padan!!

7:52 AM

Anonymous =) said...

good luck 4 ur exam =)
do ur best cuz u r da best among da best.. =)

9:24 AM


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