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Saturday, June 16, 2007

gO SpurS Go!!

I dedicate this post to my favourite basketball team which is San Antonio Spurs. The team has been so great this season after winning the NBA Championship. I really fall in love with this team the moment i watched a documentary about this team in a dvd about 7 years back. That time i was not an NBA fan. I awared that there was MJ and Chicago Bulls but i really never heard of San Antonio Spurs..In 1999 Spurs was the NBA champ, and thats why they made the documentary in 2000..hehe.so since Spurs was the first great team that i knew after Chicago Bulls, i decided to be the fan. :D

Talking about the team...i like Spurs because of its simple yet effective gameplay. No fancy shits like a few NBA teams. Duncan??..He is an awesome forward. Basic move, but outstandingly consistent. I guess he was even much better during the time David Robinson playing alongside him. They both played awesome teamwork and connection.

Not to forget, the amazing French speedy bastard, Tony Parker who is going to marry Eva Longoria soon. Two rings in a year. Not bad for him. He must be happy. This lad is really fast!! He made crispy passes. He penetrates in split second. His finishing is 20/20..He is just an amazing point guard. I adore him very much eventhough Lebron James is still my best player when it comes to individual talent.

Well, i strongly think the teamwork underpinned the superiority of this amazing team. It is true that one person does not make a team. One really strong guy can never beat 5 average men if those men work properly (forget about the superheroes and Princess Fiona :p. By having said that, i hope Petsoc team will do well in Bersatu Games and work together with great sportmanship to achieve every success the Bersatu Games has to offer. If winning breaks us apart, let us not win. However, do give the best shot you can. I would regret if i lost because i didnt play to best level i could. (melencong la pulak :p)

Ok, congratulation to San Antonio Spurs and Tony Parker whose wedding is going to be soon (damn, it is hard to believe that Eva is going to get married..*frust*) I hope the legacy remains forever.

ps: i really thought of playing in NBA when i was in high school. Dats is why i wanted to go study in USA..but u know Petronas *sigh* hehehe..


Blogger Super_Duper_Yummy said...

ok2..aku ngaku aku ada crush kat eva longoria.damn!

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