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Saturday, July 21, 2007

Bud is leaving us for good...

This post is specially written for my awesome bro who is gonna leave us in few hours time. Just now we had an awesome farewell party to celebrate our seniors who had survived university and proudly graduated from this freaky-hard-to-score uni, University of Canterbury.

Bud has been so supportive to me. Being so approachable and being able to talk about anything with him. He is an awesome bro since i came here 2 years back. Now he is leaving us and is going to marry his beloved gf soon.wahaha! (i dont think bud will read this)

By the way, just in case u read this bud. Thanks for everything u had done to me. Your help, your coolness, your advices and watever good deeds u did, i really appreciate and i am going to miss u bro! Hope to see u again in Shah Alam ( bukit jelutong tu bukan dah kene buang dari shah alam ke?..haha) Have a good life after this and i know u will do well coz u r brilliant!

damn i am tired...

ps: no singing partner daaa..hoho

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Bersatu Games 2007

First of all i wanna tell u that i am SMILING or tersengih like "kerang busuk" when i started writing this...hehe

So how well did Petsoc do? Hrmm... One Gold and One Bronze. If we were to think about the number of medals won this year, obviously we are not as good as we all did few years back where we could have up to 4 or 5 medals per year.

Many games were not up to our expectation. A point to make here is, the expectation is not a mere guess. Indeed, we expect based on the amount of training we had and comparative assessment via friendlies with local rival CMSA.

Take sepak takraw as an example, Petsoc's team has been training constantly with CMSA throughout the year. Yet we lost in prem round. Soccer as another example, we trained together more often. We has been playing soccer as routine games over the week. Had tactics prepared prior to the games. Yet we failed to produce positive results. Similarly, volleyball did also failed the expectation. We have put so much time and effort on it but we once again for the 3rd year in a row failed to get into the semis. Netball pulak, the same thing. We trained. We get stronger this year. However we could not finish well to get the result..note : i am more concerned about team games here :D

So how do i see and reflect our performance during bersatu? What i see is, we were not really losing. Yet we are actually building up our strength. We are in a positive sporting direction. We are much stronger this year. We had all trainings organized which never really happen few years back. We had more organized teams and tactics. We did prepared our best within our capabilities and knowledge about the games and trained accordingly. It's just that we could not produce the result that demonstrates our effort and preparation.

I really believe that we are cruising here despite the misfortune. It is a game and someone really has to win or lose. Just keep the spirit alive and keep on trying hard to achieve better results in next year's Bersatu in Wellington.

Alhamdulillah. I am grateful that finally after 3 years trying our luck, we finally could finish 1st for Basketball in Bersatu Games 2007 and breaks the domination of CMSA who has been the Champ for like 8 consecutive years!! Classic! We were 3rd in two consecutive years back. One in Auckland and another one was in Otago. For me, that is the ultimate personal achievement i had for Bersatu. I love basketball. I love to win basketball games. I love having great teammates to play with. I love just anything about basketball. We trained hard. We had good teamwork. We had good luck. We were passionate and WE WON!!!!

Now, i would love to thank my teammates; Bob, Gu, Iqbal, Sam, Razwi, Abe Li, Muiz and Amar for giving their commitment in both training and games. This winning could not be achieved without our team effort. Who said we wasted our time every Sunday morning? ( excuse Sam la coz he goes to church :p )..I would also love to apologize to my players as some of them did not play many games. Some of them had just 5 mins of playtime. I am so sorry about that. I regret that happened and we are gonna improve on that.Dont we? So play more balls guys (sounds dodgy) and keep on bballing coz we are gonna defend our CHAMPIONSHIP for next year!!

I would also like to congratulate Amar for being the 2nd runner-up in badminton men singles. Keep on concentrating to be better and u have many years (insyaAllah) to be the best in Bersatu. To others, never give up the games. Winning is not everything. Losing hurts but at least we fight till the very end,played our best game, and making the best possible preparation we could because that's how a game works. NEVER GIVE UP!

Hope to see Petsoc get the overall champion one day. It might sound too ambitious considering our relatively small size of club. However it is actually achievable!! How to achieve?..hehehe, honestly i have no plan and ideas now.hoho!