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Saturday, August 04, 2007


For God sake, i have no idea whatsoever utk update this blog.perhaps, i took a long break lepas bud blah..hehe..konon2 berkabung ar..haha..chill bud.

The worst flu ever experienced melanda diri ini beberapa hari lepas. That was the first time also i had MC from a doctor here in NZ. Owh wat an achievement!

Uni?..i wonder,can it be so much harder?..i think those things i learnt are freaky easy!sigh~

So, i am currently planning a talent nite, so called "Malam Bintang Canter" which might sound a lil bit vain but i couldnt think of any better name for that malam. I organize that nite because i want to have that nite. I think Canterburians have been dancing soo much and I think they should now enjoy singing and playing musical instruments. Well, by having said dat, i did not mean dat i hate tarian kebudayaan or anything. I do love dancing and like watching dancers doing their things gracefully. Just dat i want a good gig and i hope ppl can support this effort.

The biggest fear about organizing this kind of thing is, there might be lack of support from the Malaysian students in this region. Some might think the nite will be like a party.The answer is NO! It is not a party, it is a talent nite. Some might think that the performance will be lousy ones..I would say, "well, the nite is not a concert..it is for u to show ur talent and at the mean time enjoy the the fun". I would expect imperfect show but the imperfection and sloppiness sumtimes make it much more fun!!...I hope if not all, most of us can turn up on that nite..remember..no booze, no drugs, and no strippers on that nite..just u and ur friends having friendly fun together.

Basically dats it.nite guys..Oh yeah, there is one malay who wants to sing a chinese song at that nite..its gonna be sooo sweeettt considering the fact that he has been hinting on a chinese girl for quite a while tho..hehhe..gud luck bro!


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