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Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Thank You Petsoc '07

Last Saturday, Petsoc had an AGM to discuss and clarify few issues and elected the new committee members for next term. Alhamdulillah it went smoothly with most of the members turned out on that day except.

So Petsoc had chosen 6 new TEC (top executive committee) with Farid as a President; Lam as VP; Majied as Secretary; Amir Vice Secretary; Rahim as Treasurer and last but not least, the only "bunga" in the committee, Hanaa as the vice Treasurer. Looking at those newly elected TEC, i am confident that they all will do good job next term because most of them had a lot of experience before in organizing big events like Bersatu Games, Talent Nite and etc. Therefore i kinda expecting a lot of cool events next year :D

I am grateful because i had the opportunity to lead a club like Petsoc. I remember i took the chance to be the President (after being nominated & elected) because i thought it would be a great opportunity for me to demonstrate leadership, experiment things, organize events, dealing with people and gain many other experience/knowledge that cannot be acquired by simply reading books. After a year of leadership, i personally think that i had learnt many things through practice and mistakes especially in dealing with people and organisation of an event. I value the knowledge and i hope it will add values to me for the future.

One of the greatest challenge when leading a club while studying in uni is my time management. I was pretty bad with it. Therefore i kinda struggle to cope up with the club's stuffs and study at the same time. It is not like i am managing the club at all time. I have other commitments to deal with like studies, sports and all. Many times i sacrifice my study to do the club's stuffs because i enjoy doing those things. Did i simply let my lack of time-management to kill me? Of course not, i did some planning earlier this year. The plan went well at the beginning. Towards the end it got messed up. A lot of unexpected things came and i screwed up the plan just like that. It was a good lesson for me tho.

Next year would be a year for me to rest. I had achieved what i think is sufficient for me so far. I had made enough friends and enemies. My CV should look "nicer" by now. I need to concentrate on my studies because i am heavily struggling in that and i dont want to get my contract with Petronas suspended/terminated because of my academic failure.

I hope people dont shy away from taking responsibility in any club especially when you are still studying in Uni. This is the time for us to try new things and i think a club is one of the ideal places to do so.

I always believe that it is better to make mistakes now (at a club level) and have the small consequences now rather than making the same mistakes later in the working world and getting a much bigger effects....

Thats all for now. I am not really into blogging lately and after this post i might post more things in my blog (getting excited :p)

p/s: I listened to "Selamanya" by Innuendo and i love it!

Selamat Berpuasa Untuk Muslim Seluruh Dunia!


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