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Thursday, September 27, 2007

The Things I Learned Lately

It is approximately a month before the final exam. This term is bombarded with a lot of homework, reports and small researches. I hardly find time to do other stuffs. Even if i have some spare times, i would rather spend it to pamper myself and have some good times with deng.

I have talked to quite a few of people recently. Basically talk about so-called boring stuffs; LEADERSHIP, ACADEMIC EXCELLENCE, VISION, AMBITIONS, FUTURE PLANS, CURRENT ISSUES and some other less exciting stuffs if compared to Arsenal's "new generation" and celebrity gossips/scandals (hehehe..Vanessa Hudgens buat hal).

Anyways, I am impressed with some people who have great thoughts and visions in an organization. The way they see things are just so unusual as in i would never had thought about it before. Even if i did, i don't think i would do it because of my own selfish perception and mentality about how things should go and behave.

It seems to me that leadership is actually a really big thing. The complexity of it can only be seen if you are taking it seriously. You can always say that u practice leadership but the real value of leadership is visualized from the way your system and organization works. I realized the importance of people development. You might lead and get all the credits. However, more importantly is that you give your people chance to do things and led them to the satisfaction of doing so...

I also realized that "management" is not easy. I now understand why there is a Management Course in which i used to label it as "bullsh*t". There is a lot of thing that Management Knowledge has to offer in an organization. I learned that in management, you are not only put things in appropriate places, you have to also understand how things behave and identifying strengths so that you are able to allocate them in the most effective way....

A lot of other things i got lately but i think those two elements are of my greatest interest. To the dudes who talked to me about these stuffs, i really appreciate your point of view. I wish to talk more about these matters in the future with more people.

p/s: nak cookies :D


Anonymous Anonymous said...

bro, aku bole je ajar ko management sket2.. tp management science la.. and bendanya pasal cara2 nak manage production dalam kilang, quality control, manage company punya perniagaan.. lain sket aa cabang management dia.. hahah.. -BJ

10:55 AM


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