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Friday, October 12, 2007

I have been tagged by Kakok

I dont normally do this kind of thing but i will give it a go because my "scandalous sister angkat" kat sini has tagged me..so here they are:

5 things in my bag:-
- lecture notes
- set alat tulis yg random dan tiada brand
- books...dats all coz i am refering to my school bag.

5 things in my purse:- well i dont really bring my purse.
- malaysian ID
- EFPOST card
- insurance card
- phone card
- gambar berukuran passport

5 favourite things in my favourite room:
- my PC
- the picture frame of me and deng.
- my water bottle (L&P - owh yes i reuse it)
- my first guitar
- and yes, the bathroom..

5 things I would like to do:
- Finish my study and graduate in Uni of Canterbury with
- Play competitive basketball league next year with any Canterbury team.
- Finish my contract with Pet and then starts my own construction company. I love houses/structures not fluids, not soils nor soil nor oil and gas nor pipe systems and blablabla...
- Spend more time with my loved ones.
- To build my own house on my own land.

5 things I'm currently doing:
- Updating this blog...duhhh~
- Chatting with deng and few others.
- puasa no more..esok raya!
- menyesal sbb tak dapat join raja and dak2 rumah die buat kuih2 raya...i blame my bloody design work.
- teringat kat family...damn, dah 3 tahun tak beraya bersama.

Dats all folks..tetibe terasa best lak buat survey2 macam ni..orite then :D


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