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Sunday, November 04, 2007


Just now i was convincing myself that i should love things that i studied because those knowledge will assist me in achieving my ambition.

If a person wants to be good in Time-Management, he will go and find a Time-Management seminar that is organized somewhere. If i want to be an Engineer, i should learn how to be one and those subjects that i am taking right now are essential for an Engineer. Basically i cannot complain and that is what i should do. To love the knowledge and believe in them ( Can someone hypnotize me to love these subjects?? )

Just for your information, there are at least 4 types of site investigations that the engineers normally do to analyze the geotechnical structure of the site. They are SVT, SPT, CPT and Pressuremeter Test. Among those, SPT and CPT are widely used. It is important to realize that every test has got its unique advantages over each other. The least popular one is the Pressuremeter due to its highly expensive analysis and it is normally used for a project that requires a highly accurate geotechnical information about the site...So that's all for today. FEEL THE LOVE EVERYONE!!!


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