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Thursday, June 19, 2008


First of all..to you alynn, i kene dat Love Calculator thingy..exactly the same way u had it, i tulis nama Minah tuh and the result was sent to her email..sigh~ malu but at least takde la cover mcm u..wahahahah!

anyways, kepada pembaca2 blog ku ini, aku cume nak sarankan korang dengar lagu Awie, Di Penjara Janji...pastu lagu 4U2C, Hadirlah Kasih. Actly bnyk lagi lagu2 yg aku nak korang dengar since lately aku layan gile dengar playlist kat Imeem.com tuh..

To be honest, aku bukan jenis yg up-to-date like most of the teenagers nowadays. aku baru tahu kegunaan Imeem about 2 days ago. My dressing, straight forward. Takde rambu ramba...

I just had a survey done by one of my friends in Australia via YM..She was asking me about my coffee drinking habit and i kinda tell everything la..To summarize, i have coffee almost everytime i had my meals. I like coffee with hazelnut flavour. I ve never felt bored or lost interest in coffee event hough i have it very often. I first started drinking coffee regularly since in KDU and the reasons i had it because, it was awesome and when it is cold, coffee is the best drink!...not to forget, it is addictive...so the survey ended and she announced the result. And it happened dat she said, coffee is analogous to sex and my coffee drinking habit is related to my sex life...(this is based on a study, she said) and i was like, demm..she must be having so much fun laughing at me throughout the survey...to believe or not to, i have the answer..muahahaha!

anyways, it is very late.i need to sleep.to my Deng, I LOVE U SO MUCH. stay healthy and I MISS U SO MUCH. to others, have a good day..(pergh, mcm la ada frequent readers.lol) adios amigos!


Blogger WY Kam 甘永元 said...

i m reading. wazzup my bro. hardly see da pet boyz anymore. miss ya all.

ajak bola sometime!

12:37 AM

Blogger sangkuriang said...

u stil have readers bro.

1:58 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

oh yeah!! count me in...
tp pasal kopi tu, aku setuju gak ar ngn member konyer survey!! hahaha


12:40 AM

Blogger muhammad ibnu hamid said...

Di Penjara Janji dah 3 tahun dalam favourite list iTUnes aku. Memang layan lagu tu. hadirlah kasih tak dapek ah bro, terasa lemah lutut aku dengar haha

6:12 PM

Blogger nadrah said...

m not sure to what xtend dat dis is true..coffee is anologous to sex?what's dat supposed to mean? jst to share sum info, almost 90%(not sure about dis, but de num is still quiet high la) of the coffee substance leads to the production of cancer cell..nway. wer still gonna die nway..hahah..n i luv coffee too!!

4:53 AM


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